4 Of This Year’s Snazziest Spring/Summer Trends

If you’re a closet fashionista (pun-intended) and didn’t catch up with the fashion weeks this season – don’t worry. We’re getting you up to speed with this season’s snazziest fashion trends, all in one place.

Spring/Summer is always upbeat, and that gets most of the fashion fraternity really excited. Be it couture finesse, or street style – Think iconic 80’s, bright and vivid color palettes, stripes, prints, florals – they’re all making a comeback and how. This season, the runway gives us inspiration and the confidence to daringly mix ‘n’ match, wearing whatever we want, whenever.

#1 Super-Bright

Think Pink- lots of pink. This season saw the runway adopting shocking shades of this pretty hue for even their most demure dresses. Pink power is here to stay! If pink doesn’t cut it for you, choose from a super-bright palette of Kermit Green, Sunshine Yellow and more. Wear tons of it.

#2 Channelling the 80’s

The 80’s are making quite the comeback this season. The essence of the 80’s seeps into chic belts fastened at the waist, to flirty hemlines balanced out by big shoulders. Crystal earrings, sky-high stilettos too were a big hit on the runway.

#3 Flower Power

flower power
Image courtesy: Pixabay

Designers this season have gone full throttle with flower power, from head to toe – shoes included. Take inspiration from subdued, blousy ‘70s bouquets at Chloe and neon carnations at Balenciaga. Are you taking notes yet?

#4 Mix & Match

Pioneered by Gucci, who opened the doors to eccentric mix & matching, many designers are now pushing the envelope with eclectic wear. How to do this, you ask? A strict color palette, along with some statement accessories. Think Miu-Miu’s blue coat lifted out of the ordinary with a printed stole, tinted frames, and lilac platforms.

If you’re not already in the mood for shopping – then you’re probably made of steel. We’re sure you’ve got these trends bookmarked for your handy future reference!

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