4 Common Mistakes Brands Make In Their Content Strategy

Whether you’re a new brand, or an established brand – content strategy is something you cannot afford to ignore. Having a strategy that is on-point takes a lot of work, and gives you huge returns. With the advent of social media, brands today are grappling with how to reach their target consumers in the most effective and efficient way. Some brands, are cutting through the clutter and making their mark with innovative content strategies. But is the right content strategy something that only big brands do right? Is it something you can manage only with a big budget? Is there a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach?

The answer to all the above is simply, NO.

Being a big brand does NOT guarantee that your content will be loved by your target audience. Having a big budget does NOT mean that your strategy and tactics are effective. And there can NEVER be a one-size-fits-all approach to content strategy. BUT, I’m going to stop right here and tell you- there certainly are certain best practices that can be followed, albeit updated regularly to suit the demands of a world that is in constant flux. And then, there are certain things you’d want to avoid altogether.

So without further ado, let’s get into 4 major mistakes that brands generally make in their content creation and strategy.

#1 The Great Content Cacophony

You probably know already what I’m talking about. Yes, content overload. Too much information. Brands tend to go overboard in their efforts sometimes, so much so, that they leave their target audiences understandably confused and saturated. It’s an honest mistake sometimes, and sometimes it’s just bad strategy. Whether it’s the former or the latter case with you, understand this point carefully – your content is not a one-way ticket to conversions. If you want to convert your leads, then treat them with respect. Don’t inundate them with emails, posts, newsletters etcetera. Keep your outreach efforts measured. Figure out ways to reach your target audiences in new ways. Make them look forward to your content.

#2 The ‘Less-is-more’ Research Philosophy

Research forms the basis of a well-informed strategy. It’s the ground zero for your brand. Don’t skimp on it. Do a thorough research on your buyers by meeting them, talk to them and figure out what it is that they want to know. Sketch out personas, deep dive into their pain points and challenges. Understanding your audiences is the first and most crucial step into formulating a channel mix and ergo, a good and sound content strategy.

#3 Irregular & Erratic Frequency

All of us have heard of company blogs being dead for six months or more, Facebook pages posting a zillion times a week for a month and then going completely off the grid, Inactive Instagram profiles and so on. If your content frequency looks anything like the graph below:

Then, we’ve got a problem.

Consistency is a very important ingredient in your overall content strategic framework. Ensure you have a steady stream of content without going full throttle (see point #1). The reason is that if you’re too strong in the beginning, you end up tiring your brand out, generally speaking. Make sure you’re consistent in your outreach efforts.

#4 The ‘I, Me, Myself’ Approach

With the advent of social media, we’ve seen no dearth of advertisers and brands indulging in me-talk, too much of it. If you’re always on about yourself, no one is going to care about your content. This is where research (See point #2) comes in. Figure out what interests your target audiences, and create content that they will care about.

By the time you finish reading this post, you may have already identified one(or more) things that you might just be doing wrong. So don’t waste any time. Making and sticking to a good content strategy will yield immeasurable returns. So go right ahead, do your research, make great content, campaigns and ideas that people love.

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